Saturday, September 12, 2009

Healthcare debate - politics or racial issue

This is not the first time when someone is pushing for healthcare reform. This is certainly not the first time when someone is talking about raising taxes. However, this is the first time a minority President is talking about these issues. Could it be the reason the old-boys club of America seems a little concerned?

This all began when Obama and McCain were on a head-to-head collision during election campaign. Conservative leaders and media attempted to instill fear into people by comparing Obama policies or initiatives to socialism. Interestingly enough, people like Sarah Palin, who represented one of the most socialist states in the U.S., compared Obama’s ideas to socialism in front of many cheering crowds. Now, months after the election, the conservative voices have taken nastier turn. Each and every issue is being politicized. Consequently, the White House is being bombarded with increased ferocity almost every day. It almost seems that the American white elites are in a state fear and shock. These elites probably never imagined a minority President anytime soon. Maybe, that is why we are seeing conservative voices getting louder and nastier almost every day. It is not uncommon to see people associating the words Nazi, Arab and Muslim to Obama in many town-hall meetings. Are these people simply ignorant or are they fearful of the ongoing demographic changes that are taking place in this country?

Whatever the reason may be. I somehow feel that if a white male were talking about these issues, the conservative voices would not be as nasty as they are today. Maybe, behind a grand fa├žade, still remains a racially divided white elites in this country.

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