Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tribes in Organizations

Growing small and mid-sized companies constantly go through personnel changes. People come and go. Sometimes, company strategies change. Employees, new or old, often try to show case their skills, experiences, and ideas to influence the changes. It’s only natural.

Something else almost naturally takes place in a changing organization. The formation of small tribes. Small groups of people begin to work together with some type of agenda. These tribes or groups sometimes work together to gain power or establish control.

Personally, I hate to be involved in any type of political games. I don’t want to be part of any tribes or groups. People sometimes try to pull me in; but I like to stay neutral. This is not the first I am experiencing this. I have seen more than once in two different organizations. I guess it’s human nature. It’s in our nature to form tribes to establish power and gain control. It’s simply not in my nature to be part of the politics. I wish these kind of human behavior would stop in a working environment.


larukalai said...

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Two Steps From Home said...

You are really a broad heart minded man. Thank you for nice information.

My Complaint said...

You are right. Never believe a politician. He never our friends. Thanks for great thinking.

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Your thinking so wonderful. If we can thought like you?

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