Saturday, December 31, 2011

Unknown Future - Adventure Continues

I have been writing about business and technology from time to time in my Enterprise Solutions blog; but I haven’t written anything else for a long time. So, this blog has been dormant for over couple of years. I certainly had many thoughts; but somehow never got around writing anything down. Today, on the last day of 2011, I feel like writing something.
When I began 2011, I knew it was going to be the year for some big changes; but I never imagined I would find myself here in Massachusetts by this time. Many thought I was crazy to leave my job at Rising Medical Solutions last June considering the state of the economy. In fact, I not only chose to leave my employer in Chicago; but we also decided not to renew our rental lease before embarking on a journey abroad. I spent most of my summer of 2011 in Cyprus with my family. During this time, I also took the opportunity to visit Bangladesh. I thought of finding something in Cyprus (or somewhere in Europe) during my stay in Cyprus; but probably not with a sense of urgency. I somehow knew I was coming back to the States. There were some thoughts of my wife staying behind in Cyprus with the kids while I return to the States; but I was definitely uncertain about Chicago. Eventually, after weighing many options, we decided to return to Chicago. Upon return, we briefly stayed with a friend, and then at a hotel while trying to decide what to do. In the meantime, my job search was all over the place. I was talking to recruiters from all over the country. It was becoming extremely unfocused. We also needed to decide quickly on kids’ school. Then bam… we decided one day to move to Massachusetts from Illinois. I guess the adventure continued…

We moved to Massachusetts with bare essentials leaving most of our belongings stored at a place in Illinois. Having my brother in the Boston area was a huge help, and we probably couldn’t have done it without him and his family. The transition from Illinois to Massachusetts was not as simple as we had hoped for. It was a long process to find a place to stay, start my kids to a school and then find a job. Eventually, it all happened. It’s been a few months since we moved to Massachusetts. Kids are at schools, and I have also started my job couple of months ago; but our transition still continues.

As I write this on New Year’s Eve, I look back and think ‘damn that was crazy’; but I have no regrets. To be honest, I am still trying to get used to everything here. As we slowly roll into 2012, I wonder how the new year will play out for me. It’s an unknown future. I somehow feel that I would continue to see changes throughout 2012. The changes may not be as drastic as 2011; but you never know. Every morning I wake up without knowing how my day will turn out. I certainly cannot predict what’s to come for 2012. There will be high times, there will be low times. Some dreams will come true, and some may not. I know that if I stumble, I will rise stronger. If I succeed in something, I will seek out new challenges. But no matter what happens my journey through 2012 or the unknown future will go on with open arms.